Club Light


Shadow Theater / Nightclub

The Club Light adventure begins as soon as the sun has set. Music starts to play. Projections appear on the screens. And then ........ the doorman invites you to enter.
Once in Club Light, the possibilities are numerous. Like a star, you are standing in the spotlights of the wonderful 2 dimensional world of dark and light and you can start playing your part.

Club Light is a traveling nightclub and shadow theater where the visitors themselves are the performers. Club Light is exciting and intimate; everything in the club invites visitors to have fun, play and experiment with shadows. It is a feast to be inside and a feast to look at from the outside. Club Light is the place to be seen this summer!

Club Light is a light installation designed as a private nightclub. The actors who receive the visitors familiarise them with shadow play. There is a confidential atmosphere in the nightclub, which means that the game threshold is low. Outside the club, you can follow almost everything that happens inside on the 3 screens and the different shapes and colors of the shadows allow you to witness a magical spectacle.


The installation is 8 meters long and 3 meters wide. It has 3 different rooms, each lit by a different light source.
The front has 3 white screens on which, in addition to projections, you can also see the shadow play of the people who are in the club. The sides function as entrance and exit. The people outside Club Light see the shadows on the projection screens. What really happens in the club can only be seen by the visitors themselves. We work with all kinds of objects and shadow masks. The music played in the club invites free expression and theater play.

On location we not only invite passers-by to come in, we also ask artists present to make live music for the projections and / or show their own act behind the scenes.

When we are outside with Club Light, we start as soon as dusk is falling. When we are inside; in a tent or hall we can start at any time.

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Club Light is for everyone from 4 years old and is wheelchair accessible. Children from 4 years to 7 years must be accompanied by an adult. There is room for a maximum of 3 visitors.
The actors inspire and guide the visitors in the game, ensure the flow of the audience and ensure sufficient distance between the people.

Covid 19 / Corona

Club Light was conceived before Covid19 became known in the world and fortunately we can easily comply with the applicable Corona rules due to the design of Club Light. There is no physical contact between the actors and visitors or visitors themselves.
The distance of 1.5 meters between each person is guaranteed by the actors. There is room for a maximum of 3 visitors at the same time. Face masks and hand disinfectants are available at the entrance.

Drama classes and workshops

Club Light was conceived from the desire to bring theater play so close to people that people start playing almost automatically.
Based on this wish, we give workshops and drama lessons to groups of all ages. As one of the oldest theatrical forms, shadow play lends itself perfectly to this. In Club Light we experiment with puppets, masks and the Spanish shadow play.

We create the projections by making collages of objects, in which performances can also take place. The structure and duration of the lessons depend on the target group. We prefer to determine this in close consultation with the client.

The premise is; become familiar with the medium, learn to play with the possibilities and limitations of shadow theater. We stimulate the free expression of each participant and provide a safe environment in which everyone can enjoy and express themselves. We can work thematically, we also work with stories, existing stories or stories that we write with the group.